I haven't gotten to play it, but I've gotten to watch someone play it. How do you all like it? I hear that it's sort of glitchy, but I like some of the improvements they made, like having someone with you who can carry your things. Also: Dragons.

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I couldn't buy it. Zelda is a higher priority. 

I don't know anything about this series, or really any RPGs, but I'm intrigued by what I've read. I'll probably redbox it.

Well, I haven't seen many of my friends since it came out. 

I forgot what outside looked like I've been playing so much.


It is glitchy because of all the factors programmed in. You can't expect to program NPC to NPC intelligence, beautiful scenery, partially random dragon fights, over half a million preprogrammed weapons, full voice acting, and such a detailed character customization without glitches occurring.


Also.. games have and always will have glitches.

ya i played this for about 8 hours last night. only stopped because the controller was dying.


because of that i ended up not going to see a couple bands play, one of which was a special guest that turned out to be ozma. really dodged a bullet there.

GOTY, without a doubt.

Like I said, I don't have it, so I haven't gotten to play it, but I have been playing Oblivion this week because I never actually beat the main quest (I got stuck where you have to give up a daedric artifact, and all I had was Azura's star.) I'm sort of glad that I have to wait, though, because I'm sure my productivity would take a major dive

having no glitches in Skyrim is like asking there to be no more mosquitos in the world.  It's just not possible.  For a game that size, it would take 10+ years of building and testing the game to ensure no glitches, but even then, I'm sure there would be some.  All the variables that go into what makes a massive RPG like this also makes for glitches.

As a former tester, I know when glitches are acceptable, and Skyrim glitches are acceptable.  Your game saves wont be corrupted and you will enjoy your experience - and hell, some glitches make for a great laugh (holy sh!t, that horses has a bat head!).  I don't like Fantasy games (I loved Fallout 3 - same developer), or else I'd be all over it too.  Back to shooting skinnies in MW3 for me.

Mrk - Ozma was the featured band that night, playing all of RRP3 - kind of hard to "dodge"

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