The two acoustic versions of the Good Life and Pink Triangle live from Shorecrest Highschool have long been some of my favorite live Weezer recordings. Was the whole show acoustic? Does anyone know the setlist? Does the rest of the show circulate?

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I would like to know as well. I've always been quite fond of those live versions.
I know they played El Scorcho. (if im wrong shoot me because my brain has officially failed me)

Seattle, WA - Shorecrest High School

1) Intro
2) Undone
3) No One Else
4) The Good Life
5) El Scorcho
6) Pink Triangle
7) Buddy Holly

The whole show has been circulating for a decade at least. Have you looked? Any decent fansite that has a media section should have it ... ^^^
love how rivers screws up the lyrics to the 2nd pre-chorus in the good life
I found the terrible audience recorded version last night. Is there a better soundboard recording circulating?
You didn't hear a version that had a radio call at the beginning of Pink Triangle? I think the best version is a radio recording, but if you throw in your soundboard album tracks it brings up the overall grade.
Is the acoustic "No One Else" the same from the one on the deluxe of the Blue album?

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