All this time I was like, "Who is Shirley Appleby" when I'd listen to Trippin Down the Freeway.  All the lyrics online say Shirley, I remember a lot of people thinking that it was just some made up name... I think even Rivers said something that alluded to that being the case.  But then I found this person.

Was this supposed to be who Rivers was referencing, SHIRI Appleby?  Does anyone know if that's the actual lyric?

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Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Lurkom said:
You're on crack.

Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Lurkom said:
I think you're on crack.

i dont think hes on crack. just a mild sedative.


i forget parts of the story, but i believe Rivers made the name up (with "shirley") and then was surprised that it matched a real person - Shiri - that actress. Possibly Brian pointed out the similarity or something. i probably have some of this wrong.

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