When did the SG become the indie rock guitar of choice? Looking around, it has become ubiquitous when a few short years ago you'd see one and immediately think Angus Young. Now virtually every guitarist under the age of 25 rocks one.

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Since when was there a guitar brand associated with "indie"
I was meaning shape, not "brand". A few years ago it was the Fender Jaguar (inspired by Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Kurt Cobain), due largely to the fact that in the preceeding hair metal years the Jag was considered uncool (whatever that's worth) so high quality vintage models were relatively plentiful and cheap. I was just wondering if a similar thing happened with the SG. If so, that ship has sailed. I'm thinking it might be the right time to pull the trigger on an '80s vintage Charvel or Jackson?

G Foo Chombey said:
Since when was there a guitar brand associated with "indie"

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