The Rentals' second album: what do you think of it? Is it awesome? Is it boring? What do you think about it's theme of sleep relating to our desire to escape from life's harsh realities or relating to our perception of the new and unknown and mistaking our involvement in it as something real? What are it's best songs? Tell me!

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i'm not too sure what my opinion is on that album, because the last time i thought about it was around the turn of the century. 

Matt sings almost non-stop about a Spanish girl he was "dating".
"Hello, Hello" is about the turn of the century I think.

are you 12?

Indierocks said:

Matt sings almost non-stop about a Spanish girl he was "dating".
No 17, but what would you call Mr. Otter?
*Call it Mr. Otter

i don't know the specifics. are you trying to suggest they were f****** but not dating? 

Yeah something like that, but it's quite complicated and brutal.

not complicated at all, he had sex with her. she said it was alright

I guess it's his one-sided feelings that really complicates things, after all the album's told from his viewpoint. It's like Pinkerton in the way it just seems like an emotional extremely personal record but it's overall intension was to be universal.

that sounds pretty common.

You be the judge, is an album like Pinkerton easy to come by? It's about a taking journey through the linear psyche of others to discover something about yourself. Not many albums do that.

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