I'm a REALLY old Weezer fan.  I'm a guy who's 58, which I guess is a big negative, but I am normal and reasonably safe, which is pretty good.  And I'm not boring and I am fun.  I really don't care much about sleeping arrangements, so I am looking for people to share a 4-person or maybe 2-person cabin.   Just thought I'd bring it up for discussion.  Even if I scare away everyone out there, maybe other people can use this thread to find cabinmates.  I can't believe this cruise isn't sold out yet.  It's going to be the best party ever.   

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Wow. Bummer. I was almost packing, at least figuratively. I though we were all definite, but I guess there's always a chance people's live's can get in the way, especially when we don't actually know each other. Are you as definite about this as I am? I think you guys are.
Okay, so let's hold off another day. I'll almost definitely book the 4th myself. My nephew, who's a great 27-year-old kid from Santa Monica, was about to go with us until we got together with Rachel. I can float him the whole cost if need be. Also, he told me his new roommate is the personal trainer for one of the members of Weezer, so he would potentially be a great choice just for that interesting twist. I'll just book him as the 4th person on my AmEx card. At least we'd all be American Express with early boarding and the free cd. If you really are committed to this, let's book it anyway. Give me a day to talk with him again. The four of us would be a very good match I suspect; 2 matching pairs.
Judy, I just need to make one phone call tomorrow and them let's plan on booking on Thursday instead. We've gone too far and I'm too psyched about it to NOT go at this point. With my nephew Shaun, it will be even more fun. I think we're still doing this! Watch this forum tomorrow. We're going to Weezerland.
Sounds good!... and yes, Adam & I are definitely in!!! We're ready to book!
Let's plan to book Thursday.  This is a trip of a lifetime.  We can't miss it.  And we won't.  I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Judy, my nephew is in for the 4th spot.  I'm going to pay for his spot with my American Express card.  I will create a Username for him when I get home in about 2 hours or so - by 8 PM P.T.  I'll post the Username for him and then you can register tomorrow, Thursday, morning.  After you give them the 4 Usernames, I'll pay for the two of us.  This should work out great.  My nephew Shaun is so nice and laid-back.  I'll post again in 2-3 hours. 

I just died laughing. XD

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