I'm a REALLY old Weezer fan.  I'm a guy who's 58, which I guess is a big negative, but I am normal and reasonably safe, which is pretty good.  And I'm not boring and I am fun.  I really don't care much about sleeping arrangements, so I am looking for people to share a 4-person or maybe 2-person cabin.   Just thought I'd bring it up for discussion.  Even if I scare away everyone out there, maybe other people can use this thread to find cabinmates.  I can't believe this cruise isn't sold out yet.  It's going to be the best party ever.   

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I think insurance is a really good idea and I would certainly think the larger policy would be better.

I would like to reconfirm with my husband on that last point though. Don't worry, I'm not backing out! But it's a big chunk of money and we have to make these decisions together. He is living in DC right now and on weird shifts (military) thing so I won't get to talk to bim until later tomorrow. But it should be totally fine.

I'm so excited!
Hi Andy & Rachel, I'll definitely call them tomorrow to see if we could each pay our own $299. It just seems crazy because then we'd have to pay the lead person as well as the cruise people...???
Also, my husband doesn't me/us to pay for insurance. He says we're going no matter what!!!
Gotta go to bed!!! I'll write tomorrow as soon as I can.
good morning! I'm writing from my phone so I hope I dont make too many mistakes... I just talked to Natalie from the cruise. we can each calll to make a deposit but it has to b within 1 day . what do u guys think about tomorrow... I wont b back home until around 4 pm (p.t.) and they'll b closed.. so, tomorrow everybody?

I like that we can send the money to the cruise company instead of to one person. It just feels more comfortable that way. The "lead" doesn't take the risk and neither do we. Besides, then no one that doesn't want insurance, has to buy it. Although, I'm pretty sure my husband will want me to go that route. I still want to talk to him this afternoon though. I'll get back to you this afternoon/evening and we'll probably be a go for tomorrow. I don't see why we shouldn't all be able to pay within a day. 

Hi Judy, Rachel, and Rachel's husband,

   I confirmed everything with Natalie at Sixthman.  Here's what we have to do.  We each must pick a Username (mine's Andybgood) and then tell the lead person the other three Usernames, and then the lead books the cabin at $299, telling Sixthman the Usernames of the other three people.  Then the other people call and pay with a credit/debit card their $299 for each person.  Once all four people have paid, we're booked!  Full payment is due by November 21.

   It's up to each person whether they want to get insurance ($59 for basic; $88.50 for basic plus "cancel for any reason")  I can understand skipping insurance, especially for Judy and her hubby because then it adds up.  I think you can buy basic cruise insuance from other companies online for less, like $35 - $45, if you want to have basic coverage and save money.

   If you want, I can be the lead person and be the first to pay, but I will need all three Usernames to do that.  You must create your Usernames by going to sixthman.net/register and filling out the form.  Once you have your Usernames, please come back to the forum here and tell us your names.  I will pay my $299 and book the room tomorrow, if that's okay with everyone.  Once I've done that, I will report it to the forum here and then you can call sixthman and pay.  Just tell them your Username or real names.  They can find you either way.  That's it.  Then we're booked.  Total cost is $718.00 per person plus any insurance cost you want to add.  SO, ARE WE READY FOR TOMORROW??!! 


Ok, everybody... I forgot to mention this morning that Natalie also said that insurance is based on the person who buys it and has nothing to do with the "lead" person. So if you are interested in getting insurance, just tell them when you pay the deposit.
So are we in agreement that tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, we're all going to call to make a deposit. I'll probably be the first one to call because I start teaching at 7:50 am (2/3 Gr.)and get consumed by the work until way after the bell rings ... by then, they'll be closed. When I call, I'll give them your names and... well, I don't know what else they're going to ask. If there's a problem, I'll inform you.
Rachel, did you talk to your husband yet?
Hi Andy,
I posted my comment before reading yours. What time are you going to call tomorrow? I'm going to sixthman to create my username right now. Will let you know.

Judy, you should call before class. Sixthman opens at 7 AM Pacific Time (3 hours difference, right?). So it seems like that small window between 7 to 7:50 AM before school is the only good time for you. I couldn't call until at earliest 10:30 Eastern / 7:30 Pacific. Since you are calling first, you will be the "lead" person, which has no additional money liability and little responsibility. The only thing for a "lead" person is that you must approve any changes to the people in the cabin if someone drops out; that's it.
You need my Username(andybgood)and Rachel's. So Rachel, sign up for a Username as soon as you can and post it here for Judy. Once Judy signs up our four Usernames and pays the $299 for herself and her husband, we just call Sixthman and pay our share. Then we've got a spot on the Weezer cruise!!! This is going to be great!
P.S. I'm using my American Express card anyway. If we all were to use one, we get some small perks for the cruise. I don't expect we will all be using an American Express card. No big deal. Also, as Judy said, insurance is up to each individual person. Buy it only if you want it; it doesn't affect the rest of us. Go Weezer!
Ok!!! I will call tomorrow by 7:00 am... I'm also using AMEX... My user name(just in case) is lajudydeperu (I'm judy... and I'm from Peru ) My husband's is adamwhite78...

We just need Rachel's. I think she'll be contacting us as soon as she talks to her husband.

Judy luvs =w=


I'm still waiting for him to get off work. He works in the Pentagon and they have to do rotating stand-up shifts in the basement. It sounds cooler than it is, but sometimes it goes waaaay late into the night there. He was supposed to be home hours ago. It's a terrible job. It's also terrible that he's there this year and we're here. But, we survive. 


I'll get back to you as soon as I can! 




I'm sorry it's so late. My husband was really, really late getting home tonight. Apparently, there was a relatively long meeting as well. He told me that our move date to D.C. has actually been moved up a few weeks, which he just found out today. It's kind of a complicated story, involving the fact that we (my son and I) are living in gov't housing on the gov't dime while he is geographically separated from us (not maritally) and serving in a different location. It was an arrangement we agreed to so I could finish my M.A. Anyway, apparently we have to give up our residence a little sooner than we'd anticipated. This is bad news that wouldn't have any real effect on our lives because I'll be done with my coursework and my son is easily moveable, but since I was planning this trip, it messes everything up. 


That's why it took me so long to get back to you today. I've been talking to my husband for over an hour. We've been racking our brains trying to figure out "alternate" plans that make sense. 


It's not for sure yet, as nothing in our life ever is in the military! But, it probably is. I don't feel comfortable booking a trip right now when I might not make it. Looking at the calendar, I probably can, just by the skin on my teeth, but that's no way to spend that kind of money. And, I would be leaving a 4 1/2 year old in a new city, to adjust to a new first day of school with no lead-time. Oh, and our stuff won't be there yet and I'll be leaving my husband to unpack that all alone. That just doesn't feel right. 


I didn't know this was going to happen until today. I swear. At the very least, I'm so sorry. I have been saving for this for months. It was always my intention to go. I would love to be there and you seem like really nice people. I'm still racking my brain for a way to go that doesn't leave my family in the lurch and doesn't seem like a crazy risk of money to me. I am so sorry that it was such a waste to have me committed to your pack. 


Hi Rachel,
I feel bad... I know you want to go, but if it's going to cause such stress, it wouldn't be worth it for you or your family.

Anyway, Andy, I guess we're right back where we started. Do you think it's a good idea if we start another forum? I'll ask around some more. I know a handful of people that want to go but with some it's the money issue and with others is not being able to take days off from work.

So, don't book tomorrow!


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