I was poking around some youtube videos today and I saw alot of arguments over old weezer vs new weezer. My two cents were basically that weezer changes and that a good thing. But I started to notice that Rivers songwriting, not really declined, but definetly changed alot when he switched from playing a strat to playing an SG. What do you think? Is weezer's music better when Rivers plays a strat?

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It's true that he happened to use a strat whilst he made their best 3 albums Green, Blue and Pinkerton, but I don't think it has anything to do with the strat.
I like the way a Strat sounds...but idk if that is why the music changed
Im just saying that a guitar to a guitarist can often shape his creativity and influences and styles....So i think that it might have something to do. I know that i act like differently in my body language when i play my strat than when I play my Les paul.
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I don't think that his change of the guitar that he uses influenced his change of style. Rather, I believe that his change of style influenced the change of the guitar that he chooses to use.


I believe that bigger things in his life changed his style rather than his guitar.

Didnt rivers record maladroit with an explorer?

"Anyone who plays a Strat is a sick masochist. Anyone who doesn't is a p****." -Jeff Beck


Something like that anyway.

The sounds for Blue Album are all Gibson guitars.


I'm not sure about Pink and Green.


Like Elliot said, Rivers' style changed, so he changed guitars.  This was before Maladroit came out, on the Extended Midget tour, when he started playing a Flying V and an Explorer.  I f'ing love Maladroit, so this doesn't bother me that much.

when making the blue and green he used a les paul jr. but live songs he used the strat.....
Thanks Tanner, we know.

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