SCK, KMK, Wilford Brimley, and a couple of cookies and brownie bites

Good times, yo


Me and my homie upon receipt of said desserts from Sarah Kim, as tweeted by Karl via the weez twitter:


Also, Karl and I look just a little too much alike. imo. Time for a haircut. But it's all good.



That 5 minutes of hangage was better than the show, btw.

They played every song from Blue except Holiday and No One Else and only one song from Pinkerton. No bueno.

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ha ha good pic


glad you had good tiemz!

Brilliant photograph. Missing the States and wishing I wasn't so far away. Still, it's good to hear you enjoyed yourself.
I hope those were sugar free cookies.... bad for the diuhbeetus.
prove it.


I know.

I lose all dotcom cred.















(I'm pretty ok with that though.)

fluck [kittenž (j.biebž)] said:

Karl is and always will be, in fact, the man.
You look painfully familiar. Why is this.








Also, we need another podcast. RIGHT MEOW.

Ugh. I know. My friends are being total losers about it so it is taking forever for us to record the third one and upload the second one. I will keep y'all posted.

suz{ANNE} said:
we need another podcast. RIGHT MEOW.

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