I have completely lost interest in new weezer. From green album on they make the most simplest, generic songs. Rivers Cuomo threw all the talent he had away. Storing it somewhere else and rarely bringing it out. The new weezer sound is no where near the same. After making wanda for the movie angus, the producers wanted a more poppy song. So Rivers made you gave your love to me softly. Rivers said he wouldn't try to make a pop song to please others again. Now thats all he does. Songs with Miranda Cosgrove. Earthquauky people. Come on Rivers. From blue and pinkerton, I can listen to every song and they have such a close meaning to me. But on all the other albums i can only pick out a couple, if any. Weezer has put out some enjoyable stuff over the years and it's great to see them peform their old hits. But the sound thier going for is not good. Why does rivers want to find help to write his lyrics. All the lyrics i hear featuring another artist sound terrible. I love weezer but it's hard to see them like this. Why Weezer? Why?

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It's cute.

I love weezer

Also to add to the Say it Aint So post, weezer doesn't sound good live anymore. Devotion on the japan bootleg sounds terrible. Im a huge weezer fan but rivers sounds like a little kid singing and he sounds very sloppy and different. Pronouncing words oddly. Say it aint so and all the other classics sound different because of rivers voice. Its painful to hear.

Why did you bump this?


Agreed about a lot of the Japan show, actually. His voice irritating throughout much of that show. But Rivers usually sounds a lot better than that imo. Examples: Chicago, Austin and Las Vegas (both memories and non-memories) official bootlegs.

jKlein said:

I love weezer

His voice is better at those shows like chicago and austin but it still isn't good.

It could be because he doesn't just stand still on stage anymore? Or because he is concentrating more on being a good frontman and less on being a good singer?

just a fan said:

His voice is better at those shows like chicago and austin but it still isn't good.

I dunno, man. I've listened to Austin a million times and between Longtime Sunshine and Across The Sea I think Rivers is totally on form. Agree to disagree.

As far as Rivers and how he sounds live... I still think he sounds pretty great live.  If there is any negative difference, I think it is entirely probable that the reason is due to his running around the stage/venue.  It's a lot easier when you just stand there.  I don't think there's much to knock with Weezer's live shows these days.  I think they're pretty great.  If you wanna knock something, it should be how they can never seem to play I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams without messing it up, lol.  It's funny how many times they've had slip ups with that particular song.


Regarding Weezer's output these days.  Well, I wholeheartedly agree with Rivers in that interview where he said he wants the next album to be something special, not just "Rocky 8." Whether that ends up being some kind of rock opera/concept album or not who knows.  But they definitely need to make this next album something special, something great.  Take their time ya know.  We need some distance from the Raditude/Hurley era.


But ya know, a lot of time has passed since that interview (that was last December), it's entirely possible Rivers has a completely different state of mind now as for the approach, but I think he was on the right track last year.  I don't think another Hurley is going to do anything for Weezer.

rivers sounds great live.  of course any performer is going to have an off show here or there...but i'm telling you, their live show rocks wayyy more often than not.  fully agree about the austin shows...they are great sounding shows.

i think weezer is right to take some time for the next album.  come up with something epic, something different, something outside the box.  i love hurley and parts of raditude, but hope they go in a different direction for the next album. 

Listen to blast off live, rivers just doesn't sound right. He sounds good live at most shows but its not the same. He's going for a different sound and in my opinion, its not good.

I think Weezer sounds as good as ever live.  Once in awhile there's an off night, but it's not typical at all.  They sound better in the venue than on the bootlegs, granted, but I think the energy and the acoustics of the venue really contribute.


But yeah, they always eff up IJTOTLOMD.  I think it's pretty funny though.

Maybe they'll have it rehearsed and ready for the cruise. I'd love to hear a good performance of that song.

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