Say It AIn't so Cover....check it out let me know what you think.

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Tune your guitar.
it's better than this nirvana cover.
its a tad slow and one string seemed out of tune. Drums need to be more intense. vocals way better than i was expecting. solo could have had more emotion. I really want to see a cover of the demo version so bad so you should do it
Thanks guys. I wasn't trying to go for a note for note cover, I wanted it to be more to my style. A bit more on the raw side...with a twist of classic Weez. I'm glad it is better than that Nirvana cover! haha. That was the best video I've seen all week. I'm not a good drummer by any means, but I'd try another Weezer "re-imagining" soon!
i liked it. but yeah, tune the a string a little bit, the drums are sloppy, and the solo did need more emotion. but i enjoyed it
awesome, thanks for the input everyone!

check out more of my music if you want at

the song "Wake Up Call" features the RENTALS drummer Dan Joeright.

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