So like last month I heard a rumor that apparently Weezer isn't going to produce any more albums but still go on tour. Does anybody know if that's true or not? I really hope it isn't!

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Don't stop making albums! Just put them out like, every 2 or 3 years. That would be much better...

I'll take Weezer any way I can get it. I would hate for them to stop making CDs. In fact, I don't think a box set is a bad idea. I'd buy it.
Pat is fine wherever he is happy. I'm sure 20 years behind the drums can get old when you can play the guitar as well as Pat. I am totally down for EP's but I would rather see albums, but not Hurley, so take your time...... Weezer could wait 5 years and I would still pre order it.
I don't think thats true, it is a rumor afterall, nothing more. I do believe they will make more albums and continue the Weezer journey! =w=
they will not quite making music. just not possible.

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