Hello all,

I found this LiveJournal page with some of Rivers' old Myspace blogs on it. It doesn't show them on Myspace anymore so I thought I'd let you all know it's there. Thought it might be of interest to some of you.

The link:




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Thanks :) those are really cool :)
Wow.. thanks for posting this link. I very much so enjoyed the one that has a story in it from a dude named Matt who was talking about the meditation courses and in the same blog Rivers was also talking about his morals. Again, I really liked that one.
Thanks Ciana, I'll check it out.
My favourite one is the one about Scott. Possibly the sweetest thing I've ever read!

yeah it was nice

I remember he was writing all these during the make believe tour.

They were always fun to read whenever he posted one.

Man, these are a blast to read, some of them are really insightful. Thanks a lot for posting these!

how did u find these? they're great! kudos

Took ALOT of Googling.

sarah leeper said:

how did u find these? they're great! kudos
I like the one wear he says he just wrote Heart Songs (June 1th, 2006)

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