Seriously, what a way to showcase what's on the inside...

The song "The Greatest Man that Ever Lived" is titled after one of the witnesses's books,
and the album art for Death to False Metal is snagged from one of their brochures...
What's up Cuomo?
Have the witnesses reached you too?

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I found a Watchtower magazine in his trash bin yesterday.

Connect the dots!
My name is Jehovah's

Rae said:
My name is Jehovah's

I heard that he'd never heard that song, and someone had to point out to him how similar the two were.

If he does convert, though, I hope he knocks on my door. ; )
I heard he named it after a Facebook group about himself that he found. But it may have been a coincidence.
it is not true
I don't know that he wants to become one, but I would say there is some sort of fascination or interest in them whether negative or positive.

According to weezerpedia the demos before the red album were called "Deliverance At Hand." Deliverance At Hand was the name of a Jehovah's Witness convention a few years ago.

I never saw it myself, but I was told that Rivers at one time had a picture taken from the Jehovah's Witness book "Revelation" on his myspace page with a caption about the end of the world or something of that nature.

I do not know if the Death To False Metal cover is actually taken from a Jehovah's Witness brochure, but the picture fits perfectly with the style the Witnesses have used in many publications, and the scene matches their illustrations of paradise.

As was mentioned in the first post "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" is a publication by the Witnesses.

While probably just a play on "can I get a witness", Rivers posted on his twitter page a while back "can I get a Jehovah's Witness?"

And, I have not personally seen the music video, but I was told that in the video for "We Are All On Drugs" there is a representation/implication of Jehovah's Witnesses being at the door.

Rivers, if you read this, would you mind enlightening us on these connections? Are these intentional or coincidental?
this is not a mormon brocure
(click next to see picture)
Brandon Flowers is a Mormon

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