Sooooooooooooooo, the audio f*cked up, I might be able to fix this but give me some time ... I'm sorry guys, I know Tragic Girl was awesome, but in 10 days they'll play it on the cruise and it'll sound better.

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wait it was 10 am in the US, lol, it was night for me... Hmm, how do I change the title?

That's a bummer.  It was a really good ustream.  Rivers played: Tragic Girl; Can't Stop Partying; Devotion; Longtime Sunshine; I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams; Jamie; & We Are All On Drugs.  (Did I forget anything?)  He said on yesterday's ustream he wanted to practice the cruise setlist.  Maybe this was part of it?  Either way, it was awesome. I wonder if he'll be doing ustreams every day until the cruise. 

I hope so, you forgot Susanne

I might be able to fix the audio though.. I can hear him singing in a faaaar distance

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