Memories is a really nice song. It's catchy, it's reminiscent of Pinkerton (a the bridge),  and it's amazing live (w/ Pat's little solo).

Clearly, though, it's not selling Hurley nor is it doing well at radio. It's had a high profile performance, tons of virial promo, and it's not doing much for the record. This has nothing to do with Weezer not having the same funding under Epitaph - it has to do with the fact that people aren't connecting with the song.

Weezer has never had a debut single not go Top 10 on Modern Rock radio. It's been sitting in the Top 20 bulletless or almost bulletless for weeks, despite all the promo.

Old fans deserted by the last few records need to hear this new stuff so they will buy it. 

"Ruling Me" is easily the most radio-friendly Weezer single...maybe ever. Not only does it have that classic crunch, but the chorus is so damn catchy that even Pop radio would love it. It'll have no problem zooming up the Modern Rock charts all the way to number one, and other formats will follow after. I'm sure the video would be great, too - esp. if you guys are creative ("Buddy Holly," "Pork and Beans") nerdy factory workers or something, then go with the lunch room idea. 

Regardless, Ruling Me needs to be released SOON - as in...NOW. That way you guys can bank on Holiday sales, old fans will now Weezer is BACK, and everyone can enjoy the glorious Ruling Me, which will pave the way for something like "Hang On." 

Side note: Like "Keep Fishin'," and "Perfect Situation," and all the Pinkerton singles, you guys need to go in and make a new mix! The clipping must've been a mistake, but other than that, it sounds like a Blue song, so mix it like Blue (the same way Red was mixed)! There's way too much compression. Make the intro build up more (without making it longer), keep the crunch, make the drums cleaner, and maybe do a synth line in the chorus over the lead guitar.

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I 100% agree with everything you just wrote (except for new mix thing, Ruling Me is perfect as it is). Ruling Me should've been the first single, and with a good video, there's no way this song won't be a hit.
hahahah, that's great

Pat Wilson said:
All right, this song definitely isn't perfect, but it's my favorite song on the album, and I think it has the most potential to be a hit. Although I disagree that it's Weezer's most radio-friendly song ever.
Trainwrecks is co-written by the guy who co-wrote She Bangs and You Give Love a Bad Name... How can it not be a hit? I Keed I Keed
Smart Girls is obviously the song with the most single potential. Ruling Me would work though

But I'm actually not sure what the hits have been from the last few albums. I'm guessing Pork & Beans was kind of popular, and everyone seemed to know Beverly Hills
So you're saying "Ruling Me" is the most radio friendly Weezer release ever?

You must not have been around when Buddy Holly was all over the radio. Or Say It Ain't So or Undone for that matter. I was there.

Yeah, they were somewhat popular.
No no no think outside the box. Release Ruling Me and Time Flies at the same time. It'd be like the Super Weezer Double Single Bonanza.

Man I should go into the marketing business.
I love "Ruling Me" too, but I also think "Smart Girls" would be a great single. It's pretty damn catchy.
You're amazing Pat xD

Pat Wilson said:
what might be even funnier is if the band actually used every single suggestion given.
Tell me about it! It runs through my head 24/7 .That and memories.

ekloot said:
I love "Ruling Me" too, but I also think "Smart Girls" would be a great single. It's pretty damn catchy.
Dude...the "old fans" are mostly not fooled by "Ruling Me". Weezer is not "BACK". It's the same old Weezer from the last ten years with some yelling and screaming. It resembles the old stuff superficially at most.

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