I was thinking that since they haven't been touring or even playing that many shows recently, Weezer was recording a new album, but then I came across this...


New Jpop album on the way? 

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pretty old news, bro.

*sees video is from April*

*sees post is from August*


Yeah this has been in the works since 2009 or so.

Well when's it due? Has there been really any press about it. Everything I've heard is from the 2 videos on the channel and forum gossip 

There has been no press about it.  It looks as though Rivers is taking his time with it, but nearing a point where he is going to play shows.  He may have been recording it slowly all this time, but who knows. 

He had his wife play drums on the one song they played live as a group at the end of a Weezer set.  Which was pretty cool. 

so how do we even know this is really happening if there's been no press or anything on it???


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