And he doesn't even know who I am...

Anybody else feel this way?

Hes like my evil doppleganger

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this is kind of disturbing on many levels

this is kind of disturbing on many levels
I will agree
I get what you mean.
All that stuff you can't write into a song for lack of talent, time, or discipline, but still have caroming around in your cranium, you hear when you wind up the phonograph and put a needle to some Weezer.

I think that's why most of us are here. It hit us right in the sweet spot at least once with a Brock Lesnar type haymaker.
he knows who you are. he's always watching...!
have any of you ever seen the movie 'imagine'

there is a scene where a bum shows up in John's garden and they invite him for breakfast. Linx is like that bum.
I get wat ur saying 
did you show up at Rivers's garden yet?

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