whats with the girl got hot? it has no closure. the song tells a story and then it ends with you trying to "thicken the plot " by dancing with the girls friend. but then what? it feels unfinished, like the story should have been resolved in the bridge, but instead the lyrics in the bridge are just an extended version of the chorus. i want to know what happened between you and the girl. i need closure. Rivers, if you will please explain what happened after you started dancing with the girl's friend did the girl that got hot get jealous? did you get the got hot girl? or did she reject you?

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Amuro said:
I must say, jamesmadrox is pretty cool for pointing this out. In the midst of all the criticism for this song, not sure I've heard this before. It's probably the biggest complaint though. If the whole song is a concept (or as pitchfork quite interestingly suggested, a lot of weezer songs are like mini-sitcoms now) you thing you'd at least see the concept through to its conclusion.

Maybe Raditude is actually a concept album ala SFTBH? He meets the Girl-that-got-hot, try's to thicken the plot, but is submerged in a world of drugs and partying in the process. As he finally learns to stop partying, he calls out to the girl to put him back together because his lips are lined with teh drooolz and he dreamz of teh ice creamz. After putting him back together, him and the girl trip down the freeway, discovering that love is the answer after they come across a travelling spiritual Indian band. There relationship lacks a physical gratification however, and Cuomo feels the need to get her hammered and horny so takes her out at the weekend and, to give her a big hint 'lets it all hang out'. They buy some food in the mall (cause you never know when you're going to be sent out to buy some food at the store-ore) and he never lets that girl-that-got-hot go.

I think we've cracked the Raditude code. It's actually....so....so beautiful *wipes tear from eye*.

one of the greatest things i've ever read.
Yes, Pauline Matthews' name is "Kiki Dee".


Jacob Smith said:
Rivers probably has no idea what the lyrics are to this song. Let alone what it's about. They're completely made up. Fiction. No ones name is Kiki Dee. Make up your own ending. 

jamesmadrox said:
this may be the case. dang butch walker. i wonder who wrote what. it's just that even in River's fictional songs there is usually closure. this story ends abruptly. i will just wait to see what Rivers says

Amuro said:
Only if it's in 3D!

Seriously though, I doubt any thought went into this song beyond the "wow, that girl got hot...hey that would make a good song!"

Ben Phillips said:
There should be a sequel!

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