I've been looking for hours, and can't find what kind of guitar Rivers used on that album. Help?

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It was the blue warmoth strat wasn't it?
I believe he was using a Les Paul.
Les Paul Junior - he borrowed Rick Ocasek's double cutaway for Blue then bought himself one, which was a single cutaway but still had the beefy tone. It wasn't quite as old as first thought (or something to that tune). I think Brian used it every now and then too, post green, though I may be wrong.

It's on the cover of the first Alone album, I think. Apologies if I'm wrong. The Blue Warmoth Strat was saved for live mostly as far as I can gather.

I've used a new Les Paul Junior (Special) fairly recently to attempt to gain a fairly similar tone, and results are good with either a Mesa, Marshall or AC30. I can point you toward such results if that's of any use.

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