I hear a lot of bad comparisons of Rivers to John Lennon and Brian Wilson. A better comparison would be Alex Chilton. For those of you that don't know Chilton, he had some hits in the 60's as a kid, then he wrote songs for The Bangles and also wrote the theme song to That 70's Show. He also had his own band in 80's the called The Replacements.

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ok....are you going to compare them or leave that up to us?
Well, I figured at least someone would have an opinion.

They both have early successes, and longer less successful parts of their career. They both wrote powerpop but were viewed to be something much deeper.

blakesp26 said:
ok....are you going to compare them or leave that up to us?
alex chilton wasn't a member of the replacements, they just wrote a song about him
Alex was the frontman or should I say frontteen in a 60's band called the Boxtops who were famous for the song "The Letter". Next came Big Star. The Replacements were influenced by Alex Chilton. Definitely a musician worth checking out. Sadly, Alex Chilton died this year, so I don't think he will be offended.

Dorian Zelaya said:
im gonna go with Rivers..he's my idol=) and up until now i've never of Alex..no offense to him

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