That's the one with the now I finally see clip. I want to see it. Does anybody have a video of it or something? If so, can you post it on here. 

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new ustreams coming soon.

Rivers Cuomo said:
new ustreams coming soon.
Yeah! Thanks dude! You are one of the few people on this site who aren't jerks. 

David Stepp said:
Nooow you can fiiiiiiinally seeeeee what it iiis you want to waaaaaaaaaatch!  YEAH!

David Stepp said:
I could be one if I tried. :( lol

one question: how do I watch it?

David Stepp said:


Ah. My browser's search bar must have been powered by google.
David Stepp said:
Copy and paste on your browser's search bar.  Not Google though.
Aw, seems as if my link only works for my computer.  Just tried the link on a different computer, but it didn't work.  Lol welp, thanks for the compliment regardless.

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