It would be a dream come true if they did a song together, which is not likely to happen.

Onto the point of this discussion, if you support Rivers's "pop experiment" who would you like to see him do a song with? Adam lambert?

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Since when did Ke$ha get spike implants? I was talking about the freakshow that is Mother Monster, or whatever the hell you want to call her. Let me make it clear this time: If you think Ke$ha is disgusting, how do you not find Lady Gaga repulsive?


I realize Gaga makes far better music than Ke$ha, but you must realize she's an attention whore who cares about The Fame more than making something artistic and respectable.

Lydia Sanders said:

Yes, Ke$ha is just..disgusting.

Sean_e_b said:
Are you implying that a skinny skank with flapjack tits and spike implants in her shoulders and face isn't gross?

Lydia Sanders said:
That. is. so. gross.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:


they can write songs about popping pills and being drunk all day.

No not at all.
No "pop collabs" please. No Gaga, nothing. This all sucks. You all suck.

Lady GaGa has talent.  It's hard to argue against.  Whether or not you enjoy her, is completely up to you.  I like the song "Bad Romance" but can't stand "Born This Way".


Katy Perry or Kelly Clarkson wouldn't be a bad combo for Rivers


fluck [kittenž (j.biebž)] said:
lady gaga is too good for him.

miranda cosgrove!

oh, wait...

Yes, I like the idea of Rivers working with Lady Gaga. I love both of them so much. But if it were my ideal person for Rivers to work with would be either Thom Yorke, Neko Case, Ben Gibbard, or Graham Coxon. He already wrote a song with Bethany Cosentino, which is amazing. I'm really looking forward to hearing that! As for more pop people, Kelly Clarkson would be a good choice.

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