Fantastic job, dude. Being a weezer fan right now is pretty epic, and this is just icing on the cake.


Very heartfelt. Loving it.


direct link to his facebook:

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But of course!

Rivers Cuomo said:
thanks for re-posting!
best video I've seen in awhile.
That was really good. Does anybody know when Rivers first started to play the piano?
Can't get over it!! I freaking love this video!!
Just put this up on my facebook.

Simply amazing... I'm so happy with everything lol
great cover!!!!!!
it takes my breath away

This is one of my favourite things Christmas has given me yet. That was really beautiful and sincere sounding Rivers, thanks for sharing!

yes, this made me fall in love with Rivers all over again. sob :'(


This is an amazing cover of an equally amazing song

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