Fantastic job, dude. Being a weezer fan right now is pretty epic, and this is just icing on the cake.


Very heartfelt. Loving it.


direct link to his facebook:

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excellent cover! hopefully this is the start to Rivers/Weezer doing more covers of old classics. i personally would love to hear Weezer cover some Beatles tunes =)

Beautiful cover. I love his voice so much.
wow really great
Love it!

turns out every video of rivers cuomo singing makes me think naughty things....


merry christmas to me;) 

Love it!
Really moved me.

Learning a song that he loves on piano and posting a youtube video. It makes Rivers seem so ordinary. But I mean that in a good way. I just learned this song on guitar awhile back and was going to do a video. Makes me feel like me and Rivers have a connection, yet he's a rock star and I'm no one. That's awesome.


They play the song on the memories tour while the stage is being setup. Must be a song Rivers likes.

That was great.
It's funny, I've been listening to that song a lot lately... and now here's my favorite musician, performing it. What a beautiful version! Simply amazing.
hope weezer releases a cover album next. That'll be cool :)
thanks for re-posting!

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