Rivers' Bad Attitude at VIP- Roseland NYC (Pinkerton Night)

I just wanted to see if anyone else got this "Bad Attitude" vibe from Rivers on pinkerton night of Roseland VIP ... when we got to hang with the band for 15min

So I walk up to each member: Brian, Scott, and Pat, and they all seem extremely nice and more than happy to sign stuff and take pictures with anyone....I snag photos with them and then I walk over to rivers and I hear him saying he wasn't signing anything, cause he wanted to talk to everyone.  Then I go up to him and I ask him very nicely if he wouldn't mind taking a picture with me, and he says yeah, but immediately turns away and talks to a girl ....So I was respectful and  waited for him to finish up his chat with her, and at point I thought he was done talking with her, and I ask again nicely about taking a picture with me. he then got very annoyed at me, saying that he doesn't want to waste time taking pictures, he just wants to talk to people,(in the time he told me he didn't want to waste time with a picture we could have taking a picture!!!!) and then he says to me that he was still talking to that girl ... and of course I did not realize this, and I even said I'm really sorry, it was very rude of me to interrupt..... after awhile I somehow get into a conversation with rivers and it seemed somewhat genuine, and i tell him that his music helped  me out through some hard times, and he looked at me like I was crazy, and he changed the subject and asked me if I was a musician... Don't get me wrong I respect Rivers a lot, but he honestly made me feel like s***, like I was asking the world of him, and I know we got a picture with the full band afterwords, but I really wanted a  picture with just me and rivers, and that really would have meant a lot to me...(not to mention I noticed on facebook that he took personal pictures with people at the other VIP shows!!!)....I don't mean to complain cause I really had a great time at the Blue and Pinkerton show except for that part... but I paid $600 for vip, another $400 for blue night, and not to mention all the money I've put into Weezer's music, and 7 other live shows I've been to over the years, and he wouldn't take 5 secs to take a photo with me....all I wanted was a picture with just me and him ,,and not only did he shut me down, but he made me feel like  I was an a******...I didn't want anything signed, but the fact that he wouldn't sign anything  either is ridiculous too

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Maybe that "weird look" was just him being flustered? I get flustered as heck when people (whether I know them or not) come up to me out of the blue and tell me that they love my photography.
I was fortunate enough to talk to Rivers briefly during Fridays meet and greet and I got him to sign that Blue poster we were given in the goodie bags. He was even kind enough to make personalise it for me. It's a shame you didn't enjoy your experience.

all this thread has done is make me happy i didn't shell out the extra money for VIP


and THIS

hintofcoolness said:

I say this only partially in jest, but if Michael were a Michelle and had a set of boobs I'm betting this thread wouldn't exist. And I'm a bettin' man.

I'll see if I can arrange it, maybe even throw in some mud or hot oil for you gals (only because girls love Scott, don't want to give the wrong idea.)

Birdmagon said:

I would pay to see that, placemats!

I pay to see Scott play music. I would pay to see you and Scott wrestle each other with or without mud or oil.

hintofcoolness said:
I'll see if I can arrange it, maybe even throw in some mud or hot oil for you gals (only because girls love Scott, don't want to give the wrong idea.)

Birdmagon said:

I would pay to see that, placemats!

typical rivers cuomo :D but yeah if i were in your situation, i'll absolutely feel like sh** but as long as it is not brian bell i'll be no problem about it..
quite true but he peobaly is getting asked to get pictures with him all the time , i think he should of got a picture with him but a conversation would have been worthwhile as you get to know him and i don't actualy see the point in autorgraphs its someones signature abit wierd. I f you always think that someone you look up to is going to ba amazing but they arnt always like that :/

placemats said:

There was another user who posted feeling disappointed with Rivers at the SF show.  Apparently this guy waited at the venue exit after the show to get autographs.  While the others in the band stopped to say hello and/or sign stuff, Rivers hurried to the car, basically ignoring the guy.  So, your not the only one to have more of a negative experience dude.  Maybe there is some truth to that old saying "you should never meet your heroes."

if rivers doesn't want to sign stuff or have his photo taken fair enough, but maybe he shouldn't be charging fans $300 for the privaledge of receiving that refusal.

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