I am not tech smart, so I put out the challenge, for anyone to put together a best of of Rivers talks during the sweater song over the last couple years, they are my favorite part of weezer shows.

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the best undone live vid evar

Connor Dalton [awesome] said:

Gohi said:

My favorite was before the second verse in Milwaukee, 12/03/09.


"NINETEEN NINETY NINE................................. it was a very good year!"

Haha yeah I was there for that one. That was pretty good.
The one on the rarities album is pretty funny it sounds like "and im a whore. A whore in my bed a pimp in my bed. I wanna be a singer just like francis"
Haha I love this one!!!

UWbadgers16 said:



he says some "ace frehley" stuff. it's pretty funny.

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