this is as close as I remember it, sorry it is not exact

Me: Rivers hey I love you weezer is awesome!
Rivers: thank you so much
Me: hey I wanted to ask you if Odds and Ends is still going to happen?
Rivers: no, we made a new album instead and called it Death to False Metal, it's great you will like it
Me: Ok, if you say so then I am excited for it
Rivers: are you going to come see our Memories tour
Me: I wish!
Rivers: well, I have to go play soccer
Rivers: LOL, take care

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you're so witty.
I'm friends with Rivers and Scott and them on Facebook as well..
to bad they dont' go on chat. They always stay offline on chat.
"well, I have to go play soccer"
I'm surprised that Rivers didn't mention that American Idiot is a Weezer song.

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