I really like the music and the voice Rivers uses I WMS, but I really wish he had stuck with the original title Where's My Socks. I would change the whole feeling of the song, and I think it would be more appealing as a goofy song with a very cathy melody.

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**Catchy** I meant
I soo agree. The sex thing just doesnt even make sense with the lyrics. MAKE IT SOCKS!
i don't think that "where's my socks" was ever the original title....that's just what his daughter was trying to say.
yes but if you replace sex with socks in every line, it makes sense. like 'toes get wet' etc
um, duh. the word was already replaced....the word was socks, it was replaced with sex. if the song was called where's my socks it'd be more retarded than it already is.
cavemen had socks yo
Weezer already have too many goofy songs with catchy melodies. Aren't you sick of this crap yet?

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