Remember when we took over the lady gaga forums awhile back?

I just got an email asking me to updated my profile to "get even more gaga" :-P

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Dear Kayla,

I miss you. You should call me soon.

That was epic. Where have you been? You should post more often.

ah yeah. remember when we first discovered our profiles were also on the lady gaga board (and others) and everyone was WTF WHO THE F**K IS LADY GAGA AND WHY ARE WE MEMBERS OF HER BOARD?


lol good tiemz!

Anne! I got a new phone and don't have your number anymore :( shoot me a text or email!

I love and miss you all!! I should post more often.

this was before i realized that Lady Gaga is f****** awesome


also, yes you should post more.

I got the email too... couldn't help but reminisce.

I got the same email


Hai Kayla!

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