First of all, it's a pretty big shame that there isn't already an official Weezer concert DVD out there already, But personally, I feel that it would be a true tragedy if the Blue and Pinkerton sets weren't filmed professionally and released officially. Like it needs to happen. There's going to be so many cities and people that have been waiting for this for a long, long time, and they won't get a chance to see it otherwise.

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Couldn't agree more. this will be an unforgettable tour.
Weezer have not put out a dvd since 2004, and that was mostly a documentary type film. if there was ever a time that Weezer should release a live concert dvd then it should be for the Blue/Pinkerton tour
IMO, there is really no reason they wouldn't film it. Seriously, they are obviously going to be gaining money from it because this is the stuff people want from Weezer at this point.

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