Hey Guys,
we played a gig over the weekend and performed Dope Nose.  We did Everybody Get Dangerous intro and transitioned into Dope Nose.  Sorry for the crappy vocals!

Thanks for checking it out!  any feedback good or bad would be appreciated!

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We'll try. We'll have to find someone to video it.

Clyde said:
el scorcho,
I wish lived near musicians who are huge weezer fans. I have to struggle with convincing my band to play weezer. i think at this point i'd take the non good singing voice than don't want to sing at all haha.

yeah, gotta edit the el scorcho action for the family show! can't have the family hating on weezer lol.

man that's awesome that you guys are playing pinkerton the day the deluxe come out! you guys need to video that for real!!!!

elscorcho said:
No. We only played it once. Every show we play three different Weezer songs because they're easy to learn and there's so much to choose from. We only videoed one show this summer for the sake of our youtube account.

But we are playing at a local record store the day Pinkerton Deluxe comes out. We're doing an all-acoustic cover of Pinkerton with some other Weezer songs.

Clyde said:
el scorcho, did you video it? i'd be interested in checking it out!

elscorcho said:
I agree.

You guys should also cover "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"

We did that once. But only once because it's actually ridiculously tough.

Daniel [bleed0range] said:
I honestly would like to hear you guys do all of EGD. It was pretty great.

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