I'm sick of everybody saying that Red and Raditude weren't good albums. These so called Weezer fans comparing everything to Blue, which is one of the best albums EVER. Anyone who disses these hasn't really listened to them. Every song on Red is good, Pork and Beans is my personal favourite, and Raditude is the same except for Love is the Answer, which I can't get into. People complain that it's not the old Weezer sound, but if it was, they would probably complain that it was the same sound 15 years later. Maybe what I heard Pat say once is true, you're not a real Weezer fan unless you're unhappy with what the band is doing. I guess that makes me their biggest un-fan, cuz I'm loving them more than ever.

Rock on, Brad

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Couldn't agree more. Well said old chap!
I really am sorry for you. I was around for Blue/Pinkerton and seen this band that their pinnacle. Albums like Red and especially Raditude are examples of run-of-the-mill pop albums. Listen, I don't want another Pinkerton. I want Weezer to recapture that charm that made me feel something and understand where Rivers was coming from. I want the tuned down guitars, fuzzy bass, and lyrics that connected with me not "We can't hold a job/we don't update our blogs". Really? Is Rivers that fixated on pop culture? Listen to the words of TWHTALMH and In the Garage. That's feeling, that's saying something. He dug down deep for that.

Now, I know Rivers isn't the sad, lonely guy anymore and that's great. However, let's talk about getting older and the feeling that comes with that. Not "Making sex is a family tradition". It's cringe worthy.
i'm an old-school weezer snob and i like red album.

greatest man that ever lived is one of my favorite weezer songs.

i think that of both the albums you reference could have been better if cut to the standard weezer 10-songs and if some of the "bonus tracks" had replaced the actual album tracks.

"bonus tracks" is an unfortunate desperate marketing trend that is taking away from the integrity of albums...

i suppose if we all started paying for music again we'd get better products.
Rad was pretty bad to be fair, but I must say I enjoyed Red (Deluxe Edition).
Here's me being diplomatic. I really Red as well. Rad not as much. But it's not really fair to say "anyone who disses these hasn't really listened to them." Some people just won't like them no matter how many times they have listened. Not everyone feels the same way about Weezer. It's all about perspective.
Red > everything
I think after Make Believe, where Rivers and the boys tried to do something a little different than their usual and failed, Red and Raditude brought them back to their strong point of creating simple yet catchy pop rock albums. Obviously they're nowhere near as good as Blue and Pinkerton, but in all fairness, it's pretty tough to top albums like that.

Rivers is such a prolific songwriter that you can't expect him to not try new things, especially when music is such an influence-driven art form. Sure, we'd all love for the newer albums to be as good as their original ones, but not many bands are able to recreate the success of their better earlier albums, especially when their first albums were as good as Blue and Pinkerton.
I almost completely agree with you. However, to be fair, Rivers songwriting has been deteriorating for years. It's still good music, and music that I would jam to anyday, but everybody get dangerous is honestly one of the weakest songs weezer has ever released.

And don't even get me started with In The Mall... That's the only song on ANY Weezer albuim that I see as unlistenable.

Look, I think Red and Rad are great, but they do have flaws that even Maladroit and Make Believe didn't have.
Good points. And i have to admit, because of my musical (instrument only) background, I have a much harder time remembering and registering lyrics, so my points are mostly based on the music. I will give you that a lot of the more recent songs have had pretty lame-sounding and cliche lines and rhymes (rhyming not intended right there).
Red was good, Rad was okay.
i enjoy most of red(deluxe)
heart songs is awful and so are the ones with other band members singing.
everybody get dangerous is pretty terrible also but i like the bridge.

rad is pretty much all terrible, save 3 songs or so.
I'm sorry you're "sick" of it. But they're terrible albums. Over-produced and underwritten, like most everything this band has released for the last ten years.

The idea that anyone who disses them hasn't listened to them is just asinine. Plenty of people who post here have, over the years, presented a myriad of very compelling reasons why this incarnation of Weezer is no good. You disagree, that's fine- but if you want to defend your point of view, you're going to have to do better than "Every song on red is good". I diss them because I HAVE listened to them and more than once and they were/are terrible, soulless records aimed at nothing more than people's wallets, with no greater ambition than to be the in-store soundtrack for teenagers shopping in malls. The crummiest b-side from the 90's is better than anything on either of those albums.

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