Would you say the Red Album is kind of underrated. I thought this was a very good album. I might be a little biased though because it was my first Weezer album. What would you say?

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I think there are some really great songs on the album but there are some that are just ok, the deluxe version is a lot better though, it is my 7th favourite Weezer album.

i'm glad everyone seems to agree that there are both good songs and not-so-good songs on the album.
I don't. I love the Red Album. After Make Believe anything would of made me happy. Also, I really enjoy The Relationship. I like Brian's voice.
why must you ruin everything?
I love you
And don't forget the b-sides from those albums.

CrackaJak said:

The best weezer songs on the red album?  let me tell you what the best weezer songs are.

My name is jonas

No One Else

the World has Turned

Buddy Holly


Surf wax

Say it Aint so

In the Garage


Only In Dreams

Tired of Sex


No other one

Why Bother

Across the Sea

Good Life

El Scorcho 

Pink Triangle

Falling for you


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