Rate my "What Is This I Find" tab/chords, pretty sure 100 percent accurate

I did a tab and chord list for What Is This I Find.

I am pretty sure it is 100 percent accurate.

It is in standard tuning, but sounds a little sharp, because I am pretty sure Rivers uses a tuning between Eb and E for this song, as well as Superfriend.  I read somewhere that Rivers tuned his guitars differently so that when tapes were rewound that they would be perfectly in tune.  I am not sure, but it sounds almost spot on in standard tuning!


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no sorry this is only 93% accurate.

What is not accurate about it.  The only thing I had doubts about was I think there is another chord in the last part, after the G and before the C, but Rivers just plays the bass note G at that part so I just thought it stayed a G until the C

Margaret Atwood said:

no sorry this is only 93% accurate.

Pretty sure he was just trolling. Sounded good to me. 

Nice, man.

thank you

drewid-boy chicken wing said:

Nice, man.

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