with the new song survey up, i wanted to point out that over at allthingsweezer.com i've been manually doing the same thing over the last two or so years. following are the most recent results. i'm interested to see what the official poll gets compared to this one.


Across The Sea (98.28%)
Say It Ain't So (98.09%)
Only In Dreams (97.87%)
Falling For You (97.26%)
The Good Life (97.05%)
Buddy Holly (96.66%)
Susanne (96.21%)
El Scorcho (96.01%)
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (95.90%)
Longtime Sunshine (Demo) (95.83%)
[b]Tragic Girl (95.63%)[/b]
My Name Is Jonas (95.32%)
Holiday (95.21%)
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Soundtrack Version) (95.04%)
Pink Triangle (94.85%)
Tired of Sex (94.73%)
Devotion (94.71%)
I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams (93.48%)
[b]Getting Up And Leaving (93.37%)[/b]
Blast Off!/Who You Callin' B****? (93.18%)
Undone (The Sweater Song) (93.13%)
Pig (Demo) (92.90%)
No One Else (92.29%)
Waiting On You (92.23%)
Jamie (91.69%)
[b]Mykel And Carli (Blue Sessions Version) (91.45%)[/b]
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (91.40%)
Butterfly (91.28%)
Walt Disney (91.11%)
[b]Butterfly (Alternate Version) (90.98%)[/b]
You Won't Get With Me Tonight (90.82%)
Superfriend (90.31%)
Pig (90.07%)
Why Bother? (90.00%)

Miss Sweeney (89.99%)
Rosemary (89.63%)
Mykel And Carli (B-Side Version) (89.40%)
[b]Long Time Sunshine (Coda Mix) (88.97%)[/b]
Lover In The Snow (88.95%)
In The Garage (87.84%)
The Purification Of Water (87.52%)
Autumn In Jayne (87.34%)
I'll Think About You (86.73%)
Hot Tub (86.10%)
Wanda, You're My Only Love (85.95%)
Surf Wax America (85.89%)
Hey M' Darlin' (85.58%)
Fun Time (85.56%)
No Other One (85.42%)
I Don't Want To Let You Go (Demo) (85.07%)
Getchoo (84.13%)
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (83.91%)
Baby (83.80%)
Run Away (83.51%)
Can't Stop Partying (Demo) (82.87%)
My Brain Is Workin' Overtime (82.83%)
Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me (82.22%)
1,000 Years (82.20%)
Chess (82.05%)
Sheila Can Do It (81.93%)
Unspoken (81.71%)
American Girls (81.65%)
Crazy One (81.07%)
Let's Sew Our Pants Together (81.00%)
[b]I Swear It's True (Pinkerton Version) (80.68%)[/b]
I Can Love (80.66%)
Lullaby For Wayne (80.65%)
Perfect Situation (80.65%)
Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone (80.58%)
The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World (80.39%)
I Was Made For You (80.16%)

[b]Trampoline (79.48%)[/b]
Run Over By A Truck (79.37%)
I Don't Want To Let You Go (Album Version) (79.11%)
Pork And Beans (79.02%)
The Angel And The One (78.84%)
O-Girl (78.65%)
Time Flies (78.57%)
Hang On (78.48%)
Hash Pipe (78.38%)
Paperface (Full Band Version) (78.38%)
Island In The Sun (78.13%)
Ruling Me (77.80%)
[b]Blowin' My Stack (77.43%)[/b]
Private Message (77.25%)
Broken Arrows (77.04%)
Don't Let Go (AOL Version) (76.88%)
Trippin' Down The Freeway (76.82%)
Burndt Jamb (76.81%)
The Christmas Song (76.58%)
The Story Of My Life (76.48%)
Cold And Damp (76.11%)
Paperface (Home Demo) (76.08%)
High Up Above (Organ Version) (75.98%)
O Girlfriend (75.00%)
I Swear It's True (Blue Era Version) (74.71%)
The Organ Player (74.51%)
Mad Kow (Summer Songs Of 2000 Version) (74.47%)
Mad Kow (EA5D Version) (74.35%)
Photograph (74.34%)
Dreamin' (74.30%)
I Was Scared (73.98%)
High Up Above (Maladroit Version) (73.81%)
Don't Let Go (73.74%)
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (73.34%)
Sunshine O (73.23%)
Hey Domingo! (73.17%)
Sandwiches Time (73.09%)
This Is Such A Pity (72.98%)
We Go Together (HBO Reverb Version) (72.92%)
Haunt You Everyday (71.85%)
The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World (Demo) (71.60%)
The Other Way (71.53%)
367 (70.82%)
So Low (70.62%)
Lemonade (70.61%)
Peace And Quiet (70.50%)
We Go Together (Studio Version) (70.47%)
Preacher's Son (70.42%)

Hold Me (69.90%)
It's Easy (69.85%)
Prodigy Lover (69.17%)
Faith In The Light (69.10%)
Cygnus X-1 (68.75%)
Fall Together (68.67%)
Starlight (68.62%)
All My Friends Are Insects (68.57%)
Peace (68.51%)
Smile (68.46%)
Slob (Summer Songs Of 2000 Version) (68.37%)
Slob (68.31%)
I Want To Be Something (68.22%)
Keep Fishin' (Single Version) (67.87%)
Dope Nose (67.84%)
Dope Nose (Summer Songs Of 2000 Version) (67.78%)
Living Without You (67.69%)
Too Late To Try (67.64%)
I Want To Take You Home Tonight  (67.48%)
Slave (67.43%)
Modern Dukes (Summer Songs of 2000 Version) (67.26%)
Teenage Victory Song (67.08%)
Superstar (Summer Songs of 2000 Version) (67.04%)
Cryin' And Lonely (66.76%)
Don't Pick On Me (66.36%)
Superstar (EA5D Version) (66.30%)
Modern Dukes (EA5D Version) (66.19%)
The Spider (65.99%)
Simple Pages (65.85%)
Knock-Down Drag-Out (65.74%)
Death & Destruction (65.44%)
[b]Turning Up The Radio (64.85%)[/b]
The Underdogs (64.83%)
Pardon Me (64.73%)
Trainwrecks (64.27%)
December (64.10%)
She Who Is Militant (64.04%)
The Damage In Your Heart (63.85%)
Keep Fishin' (63.72%)
Saturday Night (63.64%)
[b]I'm A Robot (63.46%)[/b]
I Need Some Touch (63.33%)
Your Sister (63.00%)
Running Man (62.59%)
Put Me Back Together (62.48%)
My Day Is Coming (62.34%)
Island In The Sun (Demo) (62.27%)
Brightening Day (62.21%)
The Victor (62.11%)
I Do (62.02%)
Queen Of Earth (61.97%)
Let It All Hang Out (61.20%)
The Dawn (60.82%)
[b]Everyone (60.76%)[/b]
Lullaby (60.73%)
Glorious Day (60.69%)
Love Explosion (60.32%)
Smart Girls (60.31%)
[b]I Don't Want Your Loving (60.18%)[/b]
Always (60.11%)
New Joint (60.00%)

Untenable (59.65%)
Brave New World (59.59%)
Take Control (59.52%)
[b]The Odd Couple (59.16%)[/b]
Fontana (58.68%)
King (58.52%)
I Hear Bells (58.14%)
I'll Stay Right Here (57.97%)
Beverly Hills (57.95%)
On The Edge (57.93%)
The Girl Got Hot (57.60%)
[b]Losing My Mind (57.18%)[/b]
Can't Stop Partying (56.54%)
I'm Your Daddy (56.34%)
Heart Songs (56.56%)
Mr. Taxman (56.42%)
Little Sister (55.72%)
Listen Up (55.56%)
[b]Autopilot (55.02%)[/b]
[b]Unbreak My Heart (55.00%)[/b]
Thought I Knew (55.43%)
Crab (55.27%)
Memories (54.63%)
Troublemaker (54.44%)
Booby Trap (54.35%)
American Gigolo (53.88%)
Ev'ry Nite (53.57%)
Diamond Rings (53.39%)
Seafaring Jamb (53.32%)
How Long? (53.18%)
Little Songs (52.57%)
Sugar Booger (52.55%)
Freak Me Out (52.45%)
Turn Me 'Round (52.19%)
Misstep (51.88%)
[b]Yellow Camaro (51.80%)[/b]
Automatic (51.33%)
Mansion Of Cardboard (50.57%)
Sacrifice (50.32%)

Acapulco (Maladroit Version) (49.17%)
Where's My Sex? (48.93%)
Acapulco (EA5D Version) (48.83%)
Comin' Home (Left My Broken Heart In Carolina) (48.25%)
Represent (Single Version) (47.92%)
The Rat Race (46.88%)
Mo' Beats (46.22%)
Love Is The Answer (Laid Back Mix) (45.78%)
Everybody Go Away (45.10%)
Everybody Get Dangerous (44.54%)
Ain't Got Much Time (44.41%)
Possibilities (44.22%)
Oh Lisa (43.81%)
Christmas Celebration (43.42%)
Space Rock (43.22%)
I Don't Want Your Loving (Demo) (42.70%)
Can't Stop Partying (Coconut Teaser Mix) (42.67%)
Represent (Rocked Out Mix) (41.99%)
I Wanna Know (41.40%)
[b]Outta Here (41.06%)[/b]
Porcupine (40.78%)
We Are All On Drugs (40.51%)

Your Room (39.89%)
Get Me Some (39.77%)
Change The World (39.67%)
In The Mall (38.57%)
My Best Friend (37.23%)
Love Is The Answer (Album Version) (36.35%)
Serendipity (33.87%)
The Story Is Wrong (32.58%)
Zep Jamb (32.58%)

This Is The Way (29.53%)
Cold Dark World (25.82%)
Reason To Worry (24.50%)
Cold Dark World (Rivers Lead Vocals) (22.19%)

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I agree with most of the list and comments too...  except that "In the Mall" has very strangely grown on me - a lot.


Joining the "This song is so underrated" crowd - I'm actually happy to see Pig at at least 90%.  This, along with King really made the Red Album one to remember for me.


And hey, where do I even get some of these b-sides?  "She who is militant" , "Sandwiches Time", "Walt Disney"?  These sound like good tunes!

She Who Is Militant is an Early Album 5 Demo. there's 51 of those. (for 25 songs)

Sandwiches Time is a Maladroit demo. there's 153 of those (for 30 actual songs)

Walt Disney is a Pinkerton-era demo. It was released on Alone II.

I love the falsetto version of Sandwiches Time with the vocal melody solo (I think it's the BBC session version, I could be wrong though).
SnS version.

here's a link to all of the Early Album 5 Demos that were posted on .com back in the day. one of my favorite periods for the band. hopefully more than just Yellow Camaro will get mastered and released one of these days.



Thanks for that Monk, as I recently lost all of my Weezer rarities and since the media gallery down this is much appreciated!
thanks for the Fallen Soldiers .rar! EA5 is without a doubt one of my fave W periods. there's no beating songs like Booby Trap. Would anyone happen to have a mediafire for the mala demos?

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