Over the next few weeks I'll be clearing out my cupboards and selling off some weezer memorabilia I've collected over the years. I was a member of the old bboards for a long time and a lifelong weezer fan but it's time for me to offload some stuff to make room for my ever growing guitar collection!

First up is a pair of weezer shoelaces. I'll update this thread as more stuff goes up:

Weezer Shoelaces

Clark =w=

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Cool. I look forward to seeing what items you might have available. How much are you asking for the shoelaces?

I thought I'd start off with something vaguely rare but lots of other cooler items to come. The laces are listed at five of your finest english pounds.

not to be a d*** (actually, yes that is the reason), but can you at least put them on ebay for less than the 3rd site that comes up on google?


Your Price:  


To be honest, I bought these over 10 years ago and just assumed they were no longer made! I'll change the list price to start at £1. A bit embarassing. Some of the other items I've got are 7", promo CD, pinkerton memorabilia, weezines etc so I'll be sure to do a bit more research before listing them. Been a loooong while since I've been up to date on Weezer merch and memorabilia.

hi clark!

Hello! I found a CD recently that you sent to me when I moved back to the UK from the USA about 10 years ago! I should try and find it again.

No way! Thanks for the heads up :)

kbiebs said:

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