What is the randomest place you have heard a Weezer song and what was that song?


I heard Love is the Answer playing at my local supermarket and I thought it was pretty funny. 

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Hash Pipe was playing at my town's ice ring

Island in the Sun playing at 10:30pm in a bar/restaurant in the middle of a hick town. I gotta love hick towns now :D
I'm pretty sure I heard The Girl Got Hot in a Scrubs advert (Season 9), and My Best Friend in an ESPN filler, commercial, thingy.
There was a guy playing the song "jamie" in the Glouchester tube station in London on my way to school one morning.
Turning up the Radio at Spoon Me
Peace while on hold with DirecTV.
Say It Ain't So in multiple bars
Island in the Sun @ Babies R US
let it all hang out was playing at carls jr one time lol
I want you to, I'm your daddy, Turn me round, and put me back together were all played one night at a restaurant in chicago. It was pretty awful.
Island in the Sun again at another Babies R Us ....
I think Babies R Us <3 Weezer

Love is the Answer at Fudruckers but it wasn't all bollywood


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