Has anybody noticed that weezer uses additional guitars for things you can barely hear. A good example of this is why botheR

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do you mean live in concert?
No. On recordings

Gareth Allison said:
do you mean live in concert?
Yeah I've noticed that. Must be extra guitar recordings added in during the mixing process maybe. Another good example is the bridge of The Good Life, the part before it slows down.

"Pink Triangle", "Trippin' Down the Freeway" and "Memories" have muted guitars.  I especially like "Memories" live when the guitar overpowers the synth.  And "Trippin' Down the Freeway" when the buildup is fast guitar instead of synth.  "Pink Triangle"'s radio edit unmutes the guitar and I love that version.  It also unmutes River's squeal thing during the solo, which is REALLY quiet on the album version.

most bands record layers of guitar tracks... there is a song that my band recently did and I swear there must have been like 10 guitar tracks in total at the end... and it was a "minimal" song according to our producer

It's an old old recording trick to do that.


Notice that on old Sun Records recordings for artists like Johnny Cash, you don't hear that stuff because most is played in the moment.

It's very "in" right now to do that, so that's what they do in order to go with the flow.


I rather thought their AOL sessions were marvelous due to the single omni mic in the middle. Now John Mellencamp did an album like that and is being very snotty and retro about it, as only he can.


I think that Rivers likes layers of sound though, and that's why he does it. He likes to weave with sound and create things for keen ears while the regular folk get a hook and a rhythm.

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