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I just recently finished a 10-song album.  Although I'm a bit biased considering it's my own stuff, I really like what I hear, and I've just been practicing all of the songs and putting the finishing touches on them where I feel it's necessary.  When I feel comfortable enough with them, I want to start recording.  I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, so can anyone recommend some free or at least cheap methods of recording?  Also, any advice going into the recording process?




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I am not the greatest at mixing songs down, it is usually a hit or miss for me, but if you want to get an idea of what Mixcraft quality will generally sound like depending on your microphone and interface, check out most of these songs www.reverbnation.com/almostawesome
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I recall using ProTools a few years back when I had my MAUDIO Fast Track Pro hooked up at my old apartment.  I found it to be very easy to use.  Never used multitracking on Audacity - but my friends use it and they like it because it doesn't cost anything.


I mostly deal with general audio stuff on a regular basis.  As a result, I have been using Sound Forge for a long time now - I enjoy it.  I mention this because I read that it is possible to do multitracks on it.  http://soundwave.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=903710

Just to update (for those who had previously replied), I recorded a few songs and my friend suggested creating a soundcloud to get the music out there.  I appreciate the advice; the idea was to just record songs where it sounds decent enough to listen to and see what happens from there.

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