I have a question about a few of weezers/rivers older songs such as

Purification of Water
I Need Some Touch

Now that weezerpedia is down I can't find much information on them

My main question is why weren't they recoreded in full with whole band and also what other songs were recorded @ that time wgich might have leaked or whatever so....seems like there is a lot of older demos that are/would make some great tracks

Well any help is appreciated thanks

Also I know that 2 of those I listed were put on the alone cds and have quick blurbs about em but was looking for more info

There had to be more tracks rivers demoed from his 50 song project in 93'

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One of the greatest sights ever (needs to be updated though. It doesn't have any of the DTFM songs listed as released). Didn't know The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World was so old :D

Thanks for all the info and help.....those two sites should keep me occupied for a while

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