Growing up in high school circa the Green Album, I remember you were always very tapped into & interested in what unique Weezer-related occurrences were popping up around the globe. It's been awhile, but I'd figure I'd share one with the Weezer camp...
A couple weeks ago at the 30th Running Of The Arlington Million (kind of like Chicago's Kentucky Derby...) I proposed to my long time girlfriend before the big race while my band and I performed "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To". It was all shot in 1080p with a live board feed, and I figured I share with you all what has been going on here in the midwest:


Thank you again for always being so accessible to the =w= fan base, it really keeps Weezer feeling close to home; back then and still now!


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Congrats.  I really liked her dress, make sure she knows.


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