I am having problems downloading the bootlegs I bought, as every time I download them it says the zip file is invalid or corrupted and the file can't be opened.


Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to fix this?

I emailed the company customer service that sells it and they have yet to get back to me. 


Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated...

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PM me your email address and order info please.
Problems downloading bootlegs? Story of my life.

I had the same issue. When it downloaded, it looked like a regular zip file, but when I opened it, instead of being the icon for the songs, it was just a blank square icon, with nothing that came up, and no type of software to make it work.  Funny, I figured I was the only one.


Anyway, I emailed the store, and they were nice enough to just refund me for my two downloads, so I rebought it as the actual cds.  The downloads came free with it, and still didn't work for me, and it said the shows I ordered were on backorder, which kind of stinks, because I bought them specifically to have something to listen to next week on my road trip.


Anyway, yeah, I had issues.  Not the optimal outcome, but it was fixed none the less.



I was contacted by the nice people at cinderblock and they actually sent me new files that worked like a charm.  They were very nice and apologetic for what happened. After being at both the chicago shows I really wanted the bootlegs and now that I was able to download and listen to them I am very happy!

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