here's a preview of getchoo from the upcoming memories tour. pretty good stuff.

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It was a practice and as a musician in brass bands there are days where I would go through a practice and have no energy for an emotional letout through a song so it's all good folks the tour WILL (guaranteed) be awesome. Plus let's chill out on Scott. He doesn't run around like a chicken with his head cut off and does his part to contribute to the band . After Maladroit, he took it down a notch in his playing and learned his place in the band. Let's be honest, that yelling/screaming and "talking like a Britt" Matt used to do made me go insane. If you think Scott's a loser then he fits perfectly with a bunch of other losers that can rock out.
Blah! I'm getting threads mixed up with each other. Thanks!
i know it's a rehearsal, but i hope it gets played with so much more life during the concert... makes me sad that i can't see it
I would rather see, TWHTALMH

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