Did anyone else not recieve their pre-order special 60$ package today? I came home and no package :(
I needs the =w=

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I didn't get it either!!!
I didn't. :(
Pre-order receipt email: Oct 13.

Shipping estimate: tomorrow, Nov 3.

Pre-order arriving after release date: FAIL!
I haven't received mine either. Shipping estimate says Nov 3 for me too.
i havent gotten mine either. i didnt order the bundle though. just the 2 cds and the vinyl. where do you find the estimated shipping day?
we didn't get ours either, still waiting for a response from the company... we've gotten no response/confirmation from them whatsoever...
According to the UPS website, my package was sent out on 10/29 from Indianapolis, and it should arrive today (11/3). Sure is a long time for something to travel 1,000 miles... stupid UPS.
Got mine today!!!

The dreWid said:
I didn't get it either!!!

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