Hey guys, im pretty new here, didn't see any threads like this, but thought it would be cool for everyone to post a link to their band's music if you have one, or post a link to yourself playing some acoustic originals or even weezer covers.


I'll start it off, here is my bands pure volume http://www.purevolume.com/thatjusthappenednj


and also, here's a quick acoustic my name is jonas cover i recently threw up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_axkDic9Dpo


so let me know what you guys think and dont forget to post your own music! Look forward to the responses and checking out some new music.

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mammal study




2 bands I played in during my high school years. Dunno what's still up for music.

can i post about my mates band...............please?

haha well, since you asked so nicely....sureeeeee
have you heard the peter cushing QI song?

Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Lurkom said:

S***. Some of the stuff I make you don't want to hear.


Unless you're in to acoustic/ambient/noise/wave/jazz/death..

One of my "songs(?)" features a backwards recording of Q.I. with a fwe guitar overdubs and random noise parts. I wasn't even on drugs.


I've never been able to fully record a proper original song anyways

this s*** sucks
haha pretty cool mammal study sounded pretty sweet

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