did anybody get post weezer depression? cuz i really did, but i was really lucky this summer, got to meet brian, i talk to pat, my dad talked to scott and i met rivers three times, he even stayed in the lounge and his hotel talking to us until 1:15 in the morning, i don't know why people on random websites say "rivers cuomo hates his fans!" cuz he wouldn't have spent like an hour with me and my dad and big bro if that were true, i even spoke japanese to him (I can die now, no seriously) but when i got home i was overcome with feelings of "ITS OVER!! WHEN THEY COME BACK ILL BE DEAD!! " which doesn't make sense because i was born in the 90s...

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Chihiro Ameda said:

i don't like the relationship

Nobody has to all like the same music...would get very boring. I do like The Relationship though :)

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