I'm pretty sure i've put this in the right board, but if not please feel free to move it.

I'm a Student in the UK studying Media. As part of my course I have to make a music video of my choice.

I have chosen Pork and Beans. The original video is, of course, amazing and I really want to do the song justice.

My groups initial idea is to have a sliding doors-esque theme, where one side of the screen is the character doing as he pleases as he 'ain't got a thing to prove to you'. The other side is the character conforming to society and being generally miserable.

Do you guys think this would be a good idea to do the song and video justice?

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

Thank you very much, Your feedback is really appreciated.

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sounds pretty awesome.
I like it. Kind of like that cellphone commercial where that lady's phone load's fast on the left, but slow on the right, and those few seconds alter her whole day. In each parallel she is doing similar things, but theyre different.
can i join in?

pretty please :D
This sounds very cool. Please keep us posted on the project! It would be helpful to frame the "expected" vs. "individual" paths - maybe in captions- to give people context.

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