Scott has been with the band for around 10 years and 6 albums.  Every other thread on here is "matt sharp is awesome".   Yes the Blue Album was perfect.  I don't like Pinkerton as much as everyone else seems to but to each his own.  If I were Scott I would take the money I've made and tell fans to get bent.  If people continue to rag on him in lieu of a former member who knows maybe he will do just that and front a second rate band also.  Scott, you have been a great weezer contributer and you deserve credit where credit is due.  Keep doing what you do.

Thanks for 10 great years.



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Scott waved at me last weekend when I went to their concert! It was awesome.

Scott is so hardcore...wait, that's a different thread.  He's the most down to earth one in the band, imho. Love him!


You guys are all weird. It doesn't matter who the bassist is. Rivers writes all the songs

Travis you already said that in another thread. You don't need to stir that up in this one too. Stop bumping ancient threads.

Gohi said:

Shut the f*** up, Travis.

whoa calm down there Gohi 21.  Why cant I voice my opinion on this topic twice when this topic is brought up more than once? To me, this topic is just as annoying as my FACTS are to you.

1.You bumped a nearly year old topic just to talk about something you were already talking about in another thread. You were already discussing the merit of Weezer's other members (or lack thereof in your eyes) in another thread so bumping another thread that hadn't been posted in for 10 months sure looks like pot-stirring and spam to me.

2. If you really believe that Weezer would sound the same without Brian and Pat (and Scott) then that's pretty misguided. Sure, some Rivers demos aren't all that different from the album versions but most of them are missing something without the rest of the Weezer guys. You think the Tired of Sex demo sounds better than the album version with Pat's awesome drumming and Brian's back-up vocals?

3. No need to sound so aggressive and/or annoyed. I'm just trying to moderate the forum (that's what the W means on my avatar.) If the topic is so annoying then you shouldn't have bumped it. It has been untouched since May 2011. 

I'm locking this. You can continue your discussion on whether the other members are important in the other thread. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. I don't think continung this discussion in a thread about Weezer is good.

P.S.: Maybe you can tell me why you said "Gohi 21."  


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