Scott has been with the band for around 10 years and 6 albums.  Every other thread on here is "matt sharp is awesome".   Yes the Blue Album was perfect.  I don't like Pinkerton as much as everyone else seems to but to each his own.  If I were Scott I would take the money I've made and tell fans to get bent.  If people continue to rag on him in lieu of a former member who knows maybe he will do just that and front a second rate band also.  Scott, you have been a great weezer contributer and you deserve credit where credit is due.  Keep doing what you do.

Thanks for 10 great years.



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Ha. You were wrong.

Wilford Brimley 666 said:
lol. Good one. Like Scott's gonna read this and care. I get it.

Brandon said:

Thanks again Scott just wanted you to know some people support you and aren't just whiny Internet tools.
Matt was awesome, but I'm glad Scott's with the band now. It's cool to see their evolution. I feel lucky that I've always been old enough to remember and appreciate Weezer. I wouldn't change a thing.
Completely agreed.

Completely agree. Scott is an awesome bassist, and a great guy. At most of the shows I have seen he adds a wonderful element of humor.


I get the nostalgia of the old bassists, but there is a reason why Scott has been with the band the longest.

What!?! Scott is awesome! All of his work with Weezer is AMAZING! I love Pinkerton and the Blue Album, but I also love Make Believe and Raditude and all the other Weezer albums! And come on! KING!?! It was amazing!!!!! One of my favorite songs from the Red Album! Keep up the good work Scott, we love you!  ^_^



Also, I don't hate Scott, I think he's a good bassist, I just wish his falsetto was a bit better.

Scott has done more for Weezer than any of the previous bassists.

Also hes a total badass
Yes I agree.  But it's a pointless debate as everyone is very set in their ways.  My apologies to the boards.  I haven't read last 50 or so replies but I called people losers just because I was irritated and people were attacking me because I had an opinion period without even bothering to post one of their own.  It was never meant in seriousness it's just really stupid to pretend like a minor typo turns an entire sentence into Sanscrit or dumb things like that so I took my ball and went home.  All 6 members of weezer after Cropper have been good.  But yes Scott, thanks for your contributions.
I'm not sure I follow you.  I interpret your use of the word "lesser" the same as my use of the word "pointless".  Are you agreeing or disagreeing? 

Brofessefef said:


Uhh, surely a debate where nobody give a shlit about their opinions is a lesser one?

Brandon said:

Yes I agree.  But it's a pointless debate as everyone is very set in their ways.
I love Scott. He ROCKS!
Us Yinzers love you Scott!


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